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Free the Owner

Helping business owners free themselves from operations through CFO consulting services.

Gain more flexibility and step out of the day to day operations through CFO services.

CFO Benefits

Feeling trapped by your business operations and dealing with a lack of strategic financial planning? 

  • Establish Financial Goals

    Our CFO services start from the goals you'd like to achieve from your business. We start by organizing your financials and provide strategic planning.

  • Create a Roadmap

    Need help understanding the steps required to grow your business? We'll create a roadmap and guide you through the necessary milestones of the journey.

  • Achieve Financial Freedom

    Through our CFO services we help owners break down several key areas of their financial statements in order to run a profitable business.


CFO Consultation Services

Schedule a call

Schedule a free call with our CFO expert, Lizzette Sarria to address your specific needs.

CFO monthly services

Once the consultation call has been concluded, we'll determine the best path for CFO management services.

A Quick Insight

How our CFO services can help bring clarity and direction to small business owners.


"Lizzette Sarria has helped increase my restaurant's revenue. She continues to help with expansion projects, cashflow and helping track financial goals. "

Leo Mesquita, Owner at Norma's. 

"Thank you Lizzette Sarria for helping our dreams of owning our own property come true. You went above and beyond our expectations by helping us increase our sales and grow our operations."

Kim Woody, Owner at Complete Fleet Care

Case Studies

Learn how Lizzette Sarria has helped several business owners overcome financial challenges and achieve financial success.

Complete Fleet Care, LLC

Learn how Free the Owner helped a local trucking company gain control of their finances, increase sales by 51% and purchase a commercial property within 5 years.

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Let us know how we can help.